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Medical billing software reviews on medical billing insurance and practice management software for medical practices and medical billing services.

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Compare Medical Billing Software Reviews

Medical Billing Software for doctor practices, medical facilites and billing services are reviewed here, along with helpful hints, tips and tricks when looking for medical billing software. Save time and money when looking for you next practice management software with our top ten medical billing software questions to ask the practice management software company (below), and what makes a medical billing software great.
When demoing a medical billing software from any practice management company you'll want to ask the right questions, because most salespeople will only demo you with their best foot forward - whether that will be their appointment scheduler or a few pretty patient entry screens. So a good rule of thumb to go by is: if it's important to you, request to see it in action in the medical billing software demo. Rate your medical billing software.

Top Medical Billing Software Sales Questions

Some medical billing services and providers go with the cheapest medical software, and in a sense you get what you pay for; however, the following top ten questions are to help your medical office identify that you do get what you need from your Medical Billing Software:

  1. Will you please show me a medical billing software report(s) that has everything I just asked? (Don't settle for a "yes, we have many billing reports," but have them show and tell you exactly what they look like and where to look)
  2. What is the combined average time of employment of all your medical software support staff? (Having a high turnover rate and hence an unprepared support team can spell trouble for your medical practice)
  3. If I'm incorrectly billed for your medical software, how long will it take to get a refund? (The best bet here is to include in the contract that if not refunded within so many days, that interest will be accrued)
  4. Do you have a list of references I can contact? (Expect the medical software company to hand only over their top happy clients, but still you can test the integrity by asking them these tough questions too)
  5. How long does it take for your medical software support reps to pickup the phone, and get a response? (Are you waiting hours to get help, and how many employees from your medical company can call support?)
  1. Do you have a copy of your medical billing software's training manual or training videos I can have? (While a demo is nice, you'll want to demo their training to see if you can understand what you're buying into)
  2. Do you Integrate with a Medical Clearinghouse Company? Can we use other medical clearinghouse software? (Medical offices and billing services like to have clearinghouse options. Know up front if you need to find a medical clearinghouse or if it comes integrated.)
  3. Do you support issues that come up with your integrated Medical Clearinghouse software? (If your medical billing software is integrated with a clearinghouse software it's best to know the support policy)
  4. Do you offer other medical services from your clearinghouse software like electronic statements, Online Eligibility, Online Claim Status, Patient Portal or other features? (Identify if this medical billing software integrates features from their medical clearinghouse software.)
  5. How efficient is your medical billing software? (Identify if the medical billing software assists in fewer key strokes.)
You're medical office does not want to waste time, and neither does the medical software salesperson. Most salespeople do not use the billing software hence is unlikely to know very much about the actual workings of medical billing, practice management or even the software. Ask him if his medical practice management software has this or that and he'll most likely says "yes," but ask him to demo on that billing feature and you may lose him.

Additional signs to look out for when researching not just the medical billing software, but also the medical practice management software company:

  1. Company's Bureaucracy - where there's no communication between departments and hence takes too long to process billing or customer support issues
  2. Software Custom Requests - medical software custom requests are by popularity, or at the mercy of the medical billing software's largest client
  3. Medical Data Hostage - can't export your medical billing data (without a fee, and even at times corrupted)
  4. Software Support - lacking due to inadequate internal medical billing software training.
  5. Q & A Software Testing - Medical software being released without any internal testing, and hence leaving it up to clients to test for problems (best rule of thumb is to avoid using the medical billing software's new release, but wait a while until all bugs are caught)
  6. Electronic Medical Billing Claim Clearinghouse - Will your office be required to manage claim clearinghouse software billing issues?
  7. Medical Claims Billing Software- How efficient is the medical claims billing? How often can you submit medical claims through the billing software?
  8. Medical Billing Software- How does your medical billing software and Clearinghouse software rate with others?